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Injuries To Public Safety Members | Workers Compensation Claim

Injuries To Public Safety Members

Protecting The Lives Of Those Who Protect Us

Every day, men and women out in the field risk their lives to ensure that their communities are safe. These jobs require dedication and courage, and often take a physical toll on the worker’s body and health.

At Lewis, Marenstein, Wicke, Sherwin & Lee, LLP, we are committed to protecting the health and well-being of workers who are hurt on the job, who become ill or who suffer disease because of the job.

Understanding What A Presumptive Injury Is

Certain vocations are more likely to expose a worker to harm. Firefighters, those who work as prison guards or correctional officers and nonclerical members of law enforcement are all vulnerable to injury, disease and illness.

Many injuries suffered by these workers while on the job are considered presumptive. This means that the injuries (disease or illness) are assumed to be work-related and should be covered by employers. With presumptive injuries, the employee does not have to prove that the injury, illness or disease is work-related. Conversely, with presumptive injuries, it is the employer who has the burden of proving that the worker’s injury is not work-related. Presumption works to ease the burden off the injured worker. Currently, firefighters, law enforcement, and prison guards and officers have a higher risk of airborne illness such as COVID-19.

Injuries, Illnesses And Diseases That Are Typically Deemed Presumptive

Firefighters, law enforcement and correctional facility guards are at greater risk for certain health issues. These issues include but may not be limited to:

  • Heart trouble and cardiovascular disease

  • Cancer (carcinogens and exposure, primarily for firefighters)

  • Tuberculosis

  • Car accidents

  • Blood-borne infectious disease such as HIV

  • Other pathogens including COVID-19, hepatitis

  • Biohazard exposure

  • Pneumonia

Our team offers over half a century of service to injured safety members and their families. Since 1971, our firm has focused on representing hurt workers, with a strong focus on California public safety members. Our practice includes other types of personal injury and compensation.

Partner With The Team That Actively Legislates

We are dedicated to you, both inside and outside of the courtroom. When not actively involved with our clients, we are advancing the rights of injured workers through state and national legislation. Located in Woodland Hills, we serve injured workers throughout Southern California. Call 818-703-6000 or connect with our team via our online form.

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