Over 45 years of service to safety members and their families.  

Specializing in Workers' Compensation, Personal Injury & Disability Pensions

Workers' Compensation

We have specialized in workers' compensation since its inception in 1971, representing only injured workers (applicants). 

California is a "no fault" system intended to provide benefits to injured employees without regard as to who may have caused the injury. Injured workers may receive temporary disability while they are temporarily disabled from an injury, and are entitled to all medical treatment reasonable and necessary to cure and relieve them from the effects of their injury. 

Our expertise is in representing public sector employees including California safety members (police officers, fire fighters, state safety members, etc.), but we also maintain a sizable practice of injured employees from the private sector.


Personal Injury

We have been representing injured consumers and employees for nearly 34 years. Personal injury actions are normally pursued through a court of general jurisdiction, such as the California Superior court or the United States Federal District Court. Cases may include actions arising out of traffic accidents, slip and fall type injuries, product liability claims arising from a defective design or manufacture of a product, construction accident injuries, medical malpractice claims, and an off-the-job injury, or from an injury that occurs on the job but as a result of the actions of a third person or third party. 


Disability Pensions

We have gained a unique reputation with particular expertise in representing public sector employees on claims for disability retirement. Specifically, employees who are members of PERS, LACERA (L.A. County Retirement Association), City of Los Angeles, and other municipalities with similar retirement systems. These employees frequently require an attorney to represent their interests in applying for and securing a disability retirement based on a job related injury (service connected disability retirement).