Protecting The Rights Of Those Who Protect Our Communities


Aloha… I would like to thank Irene and the group for assisting me in continuing problems (since 1987) with my lifetime medical and retirement case from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept.

– Daniel Y Lee
LASD ret. (Deputy Sheriff)

Dear Tom,

“Thank you for supporting my husband’s case and acknowledging the serious health risks that LAFD service providers face on the job. When Mike and I first met, he told me that the idea of dying due to something work related gave him a sense of pride because it meant he died as a result of savings lives (perhaps he just wanted to impress me). So, while the Board’s decision will certainly help ease my family’s financial stress, it also validates the ultimate sacrifice my husband made to protect and ensure the safety of others. I am grateful for your help in bringing this to light. Thank you, deeply.


– Kim Reddy

Dear Mr. Sherwin,

“My case recently settled and I wanted to take the time to thank you and your excellent staff in achieving my settlement.

I feel it was a very good settlement and I appreciate the time and effort you and your staff put into my case.

Jessica Spencer and Debbie Gerken were very accommodating, always professional and kept me apprised at every step of the way!

Thanks again to you and your staff for everything.”

– Sincerely Steve De Prima (L.A. County Firefighter)

Jim Perry

“Editor – The Los Angeles Firefighter
Captain II, Los Angeles Fire Department Retired

Lewis, Marenstein, Wicke & Sherwin, LLP

Dear Mr. Sherwin

Just a quick note to thank you, your partners and staff for helping me in my desperate time of need when I suffered on duty injuries on the LAFD back in 1980. After 20 years of active fire suppression and rescue I found myself physically incapable of continuing in a career that I truly loved.

Through your expert counseling, I was able to receive hospitalization and treatment for my injuries and guidance through my workers comp. case and pension process. In addition to securing my disability pension, you were able to get me the necessary evaluations and training for future employment.

In the 26+ years since leaving the LAFD I have enjoyed employment as an editor on three fire service publications and able to work with my friends and colleagues, albeit, in a less physical and stressful environment.

I also want to thank you for your assistance with the scores of uniformed personnel, both fire and police, that I have recommended to your law firm.

To all of you at Lewis, Marenstein, Wicke & Sherwin, I salute you!

With much thanks and respect,”

Jim Perry

“I very much appreciate your capable efforts and those of your firms staff who have worked so diligently on my behalf to resolve my benefits dispute with PERS.

I am pleased to present to you a small token of appreciation to add to your wall collection. It represents another Fire Department whom your firm has been able to provide most capable legal assistance to its members.

A job well done and I am extremely grateful. Many Thanks.”

– Bill F. Daley (Chief, Beverly Hills Fire Dept. Retired)

“Yesterday was a tough day for me. I turned in my badge & gun. Today I come to you with gratitude and a deep and sincere thank you. You did a great job and guided me through this jungle of the disability retirement. I many times wanted to give in but you stood your ground and stood up for me. I’m eternally grateful.”

– Charlie & Diane Araujo (Lieutenant LA Sheriff’s Dept.)

“I could not let this year come to an end without thinking of you and writing to thank you.

All your efforts on behalf of my late husband, Timothy, will always be remembered. Your hard work provided our family with some lasting peace.

Thanks for your dedication and commitment to our case. Thanks too for fighting our fight and never giving up. Know you have helped to ease our pain and make this holiday season just a bit better for our family.

We could not have received a greater gift!”

– Kathy Falco (LA Police Dept. Surviving Spouse)

“Lewis, Marenstein, Wicke, and Sherwin are Recommended Attorneys for the California State Firefighters’ Association. They have been involved in protecting firefighter rights when it comes to workers’ compensation and retirement issues, as well as legislation protecting these rights. This firm has demonstrated the strict requirements that this Association insists upon.”

– George Stillman (Chair, California State Firefighters’ Association)

“I want to personally thank you and your firm for all their hard work on my behalf. I am totally pleased with the settlement and the manner in which it was settled. I apologized again for my absence at the hearing.

I was a totally dedicated member of the Los Angeles County Fire Department and believe my claims are legitimate and warranted based on my injuries.

Thanks again for all your dedicated and hard work on my behalf.”

– Howard A. Trippy (Firefighter, LA County Fire Dept.)

“For the last 31 years I’ve been helping the people here in L.A. get through their bad times, putting my life second to their problems and needs, most of that time without a thank you or even a smile. I’d like to thank you for your help and kind gesture. I can see why UFLAC and CSFA trust and endorse your office in providing help and guidance to firefighters throughout Southern California. You have shown me your true professionalism and tradition found only in our fire service.”

– Kurt Fasmer (LA City Fire Department)

“I wish to thank you and your entire staff for the help and consideration that you gave to my case.

Upon the defense position to withhold important considerations, you were successful in achieving a better final position for me than what had existed in late January and I thank you for your good effort!

I don’t think the county would have remembered to help one of their lifeguards if it were not for you to remind them.”

– Bruce (LA County Lifeguard)

“Rey and I would like to thank you and your staff for all of the outstanding work that has been done so as to prevail in my workers’ comp case.

You may remember when we came to visit you in person that I was extremely nervous, concerned and stressed out about not being able to get social security benefits or disability benefits of any kind while I go through this uncertain journey of chemotherapy, full body radiation, hospitalization and two stem cell transplants. I have dedicated my entire life to public service in law enforcement, volunteering, and the teaching profession, so I did not qualify for any type of financial disability other than my sick leave from the school district which will only law a few short months

The day I received the letter from State Comp last week telling me that I would receive temporary disability payments and that they had accepted liability for my injury, I was in tears. This turn of events took such a burden off of my shoulders that I can’t even articulate it properly in this letter. Rey kept saying we would be okay, but I was extremely concerned and of course he was right.

When we left your office that day we both talked about your remarkable skill, kindness and compassion. We both knew we were in good hands with you at the helm of our case. We would both like to sincerely thank you and your staff for winning this part of the battle with State Comp. Please pass our gratitude onto Jessica, Debbie, Joanne and anyone else that was involved with my case.

I look forward to working with you as this case progresses over the coming months. ”

– R.L. & R.R. (California Highway Patrol)

“Thank you Lewis, Marenstein, Wicke & Sherwin. Now I know why your name is on the lips of most of the deputies I know!”

– Deputy H. Johnson (Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept.)

“It is hard to put into words how much I appreciate your hard work and tenacity in these long 6 years. My children and I thank you for your belief in my husband and their father. He was a good man.

These two small words are filled with sincere, heartfelt meaning – Thank you!”

– Surviving Spouse (LA Probation Dept.)

“I just wanted to say thank you for all the work you did on my case. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put in to negotiate the terms with Cambridge/Tristar. I know it’s a long process so thank you again for hanging in there with me. I can breath a sight of relief knowing I have lifetime medical. I can’t say it enough!”

– Police Officer (LA Police Dept.)

“I’d like to share with you my sincere appreciation for the time and effort you and your staff have committed to my case. I firmly believe that without your expert knowledge and experience my case would not have been resolved in my favor or to the degree it was… Again, I express my appreciation to you and send my most heartfelt thanks.”

– Fire Fighter (LA County Fire Department)

“Thank you so much for the donation to the City of Hope in Errol’s memory. There are no words to properly thank you for what you did for Errol and myself and think he finally was able to rest knowing that this challenge finally went our way. Thank you for being there for us”

– Jan Van Horne (LA Sheriff’s Dept Surviving Spouse)

“I am lost for words and in tears as I write this in how to convey to you the magnitude of your consideration, empathy, kindness and generosity that you have shown to me and my family. Thank you does not seem to say enough. Yet it is all I have to give at this time. So please Mr. Wicke accept my sincerest and deepest gratitude and know that you have made a huge difference in all of our lives.

I believe the true measure of a great man is how he treats those that he cannot benefit from. You are a great man and I promise, you will be thought of perpetually with admiration and gratitude. I also promise you, that sometime during my life if there is ever a way for me to repay your kindness and generosity to another, I will do so in your name. Thank you Mr. Wicke.”

– T. Villardo

“Dear Tom, I have deliberately waited a coupe of months to write to you. I wanted to make sure I was back to normal from my emotional high in early December 2012.

I find it hard to remember the last time someone actually reached out to me, kept their word, and assisted me right to the end of a situation.

Your willingness to accept my case was honestly an insertion of hope for me. Each time we talked on the phone each time you met with me in your office you extended advise which was preparing me for the day of my review.

The meeting you set up, the day before my hearing in your office, was spot on for my preparations the next morning.

Tom, to me it was amazing what you accomplished with me in those 15 minutes prior to my hearing.

You sat on my right side during the hearing. What I want you to understand is that I was drawing an enormous amount of strength from you. Your advice – your willingness to be at my side – was for me exactly what I needed!

Thank you Tom!”

– W. Pickens (Holder of a C.C.W. Approved I.D. Card)

“I find it difficult to express the magnitude of my thanks for the amazing planning, strategy, research, and ultimate presentation of my case. Your summation of Sgt. Mika, the man, still brings a tear and a catch to my heart.

I will be ever grateful to you for protecting Sgt. Mika’s family. He could not have asked for or received more.

God bless you and yours.”

– T. Mika

“I wanted to let you know how grateful I am for everything you did for me.

I’ll never forget how desperate I was in July of 2012. I went from being a valuable team member of over a decade at my job, to a ‘useless employee’ as soon as I got injured.

I really appreciated how you always communicated with me, answering my endless questions. From the first time we spoke, (you called me on a Saturday) you assured me everything was going to be O.K.; and it was.

I really appreciated the advocacy with the insurance company, the medical referral, and overall ‘hand holding’ throughout this entire ordeal.

One of my favorite sayings is ‘the only people you need to get even with, are those who have helped you.’ I can never get ‘even’ with you, but I’d just like to start and end by expressing how deeply grateful I am to you.

Thank you”

– Adrienne D.

“Hello Tom Wicke

I wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts and dedication for my case. When I first met you, you said to me “you will not take my case if we couldn’t win.” I’ve had quite a few attorneys that turned me down, and just as many “friends” who told me to give up it’s a pointless case. However you were so confident in my case that you made me feel comfortable. It was a long and upsetting process and you stayed by my side through it all. It is really hard to make someone who really doesn’t know you believe that you are innocent but you still put all your efforts into clearing my name. I wanted to say how grateful I am that you took away my stress and resorted everything out for me. Your faith, knowledge and determination were something that solves my worries. I would recommend anyone I know to you. Thank You!

Mr. Sherwin

I want to thank you for taking the time to write a very insightful article in the Blue Line magazine. It is frustrating for those of us who serve in uniform to trust journalists because of the apparent rampant increase in fake news. Exploitation and sensationalism really do take front page even if it is fake. The fact that you took time to debunk the article written by this LA Times journalist AND DEFEND THE 99% of us who are honest is a testimony of your character and company’s vision. I am very proud to have you representing me as I continue rehab after my right shoulder surgery and look forward to returning to work.

Best Regards,”

Officer Kevin Marshall

“Hello to whom ever concerned

I would like to give high praise to the professionalism and client-oriented assistance you can expect to receive from attorney Robert Sherwin and staff. I have had a number of occasions to interact with Robert and found him to be very personable and genuine, which is refreshing and disarming. He is down to earth, and knowledgeable about every facet of your legal concerns, revolving around your work-related injuries. When I initially contacted the law firm, I met with Robert and established a good working relationship with him, and I felt comfortable calling and speaking directly with him when necessary. I can also say his staff is very capable and responsive to questions and concerns as well. Whenever there were changes, updates or any other information it was expeditiously communicated to me. The relationship and services rendered were excellent from the beginning to the end/settlement of my case(s). I couldn’t be more pleased and I don’t typically write reviews however in this case it would be a disservice not to render the recognition of what I feel is service beyond expectation.

Thank you again Robert and staff ”

– Sincerely Steven M. Normis (L.A. City Firefighter)