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How does a public service disability pension work?

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2023 | Disability Pensions |

Facing a disability can be life-altering, and when you are a public service employee in California, it is important to understand how the state’s disability pension system works.

You have to know all the details that will ensure you get the most from the system. For example, according to CalPERS, there is no age requirement to meet for a public service disability pension. But there is more you should understand.

Eligibility criteria

To qualify, you must be a public service employee, which includes those working for state and local government entities. Your disability should directly relate to your job, and it must prevent you from performing your regular duties.

The process

The process begins with a medical examination. A qualified medical professional will assess your condition and its impact on your job performance. This examination is a pivotal step as it helps determine the extent of your disability and whether it qualifies for a pension.

Your employer will also provide essential documents, including your employment history and records of your disability. These documents, combined with the medical evaluation, help in establishing the link between your disability and your job.

Plan choices

Once you establish your eligibility, you must choose the right pension plan. There are two main options: the Industrial Disability Leave and the State Safety Retirement System.

The IDL plan is for temporary disabilities. If your condition will improve, this might be the suitable choice. Under IDL, you receive full salary for the first year and 50% for the second year. If you don’t recover by the end of the second year, you may transition to the SSRS plan.

The SSRS plan is for permanent disabilities. It provides a lifetime pension, which is depends on your years of service and your age at the time of disability.

Understanding how the public service disability pension system works in California can help you better navigate the process should you face an injury. Securing coverage can help you to ensure financial security during challenging times.