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What are the safety requirements for fire departments?

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2023 | Personal Injury |

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration works every day to set guidelines and monitor employers to ensure they do not needlessly expose employees to hazards that could cause injuries. OSHA has guidelines for fire departments to help make this dangerous job safer.

While OSHA cannot remove all the risks of firefighting, the guidelines set can help to give firefighters the best possible chances of avoiding injuries or death while on the job.

Training requirements

One of the most important OSHA requirements for fire departments is to provide adequate training to workers. They must ensure they have the proper education and training and can perform the job duties safely before the workers can begin the job. This training and education should be ongoing and assessments must occur to ensure firefighters continue to be safe.

Hazardous materials notifications

The fire department must also make sure all workers know and understand the use and storage of hazardous chemicals or other agents. They need to have training on these materials.

Equipment maintenance and use

Employees must also receive complete training on using equipment safely. They also must know how to and carry out inspections on equipment to ensure it is working properly. And the fire department must provide protective equipment, including clothing.

Fighting fires is a dangerous job, but OSHA seeks to make it as safe as possible through various regulations. It is essential for employers to follow all set guidelines to help make employees’ work environment safe, even when that environment is a burning building.