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Public safety officers deal with safety hazards too

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Although it is funny to think that those responsible for protecting public safety have safety concerns themselves, you probably already know the on-the-job risks they face. Police officers and firefighters have some of the highest risks while working, while other safety officials are at a slightly lower risk.

Public safety officials not only have to deal with a risky job, but they also have some unseen hazards as well.

Contact with body fluids

Like nurses and doctors, all safety officers may come in contact with body fluids during their average workday. This exposure puts them at a higher risk of exposure to diseases, bacteria and other health conditions.

Psychological stress

Safety officials have a lot of responsibilities. This puts them under a lot of stress while performing their jobs. This can cause depression, anxiety, heart conditions and other physiological or psychological problems.

Exposure to weather and adverse climate conditions

Safety officers are also at risk for exposure to the elements. They are responsible for keeping people safe in a natural disaster or a day at the beach. They can suffer from sun-related cancers or frostbite.

Traffic accidents

Due to the nature of their job, they spend long hours in a car. Every time they drive, they are at risk for traffic accidents, more so than the regular public since they might need to travel at high speeds to respond to an emergency.

Fortunately, like most workforce members, public safety officers are eligible for worker’s compensation for any injuries they suffer while on the job.