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When should you stop dealing with pain and get help?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

You may believe that pain is a normal part of any job, but when an occasional ache or pain becomes part of your daily routine, you may need to consider seeing a doctor. Chronic pain may tell you there is a more serious issue lurking than you realize.

Whether you have sustained an injury or worn down a body part, ignoring the pain too long may result in harsher consequences. Both traumatic incidents and repetitive motion injuries may leave you needing intervention. Discover some common pain scenarios that may necessitate a visit to a medical doctor.

Did you slip and fall while at work?

You may slip while working and jump up, thinking everything is fine. However, some musculoskeletal injuries may occur in that short time. If your back begins to ache or you experience numbness and tingling in one leg, you may have suffered a back injury. You may have a herniated disc pushing into the spinal cord. When this occurs, you may start to have increasing pain and decreasing range of motion throughout your body.

Do your hands ache after performing your job?

Repetition in your job may place strain on certain parts of your body. The hands and arms are the most likely to suffer due to repeated motions day in and day out. If your occasionally achy hands begin to throb or go numb during the day, you may have carpal tunnel syndrome. This repetitive motion injury may require surgery to relieve the stress on the ulnar nerve if you do not get the proper rest and therapy to relieve inflammation.

Workers’ compensation insurers pay if your pain relates to a function of your job. Regardless of whether that is due to a one-time incident or repetitive motion, your body needs time to recover.