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What impact can a TBI have on your relationships?

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2022 | Personal Injury |

A blow to the head can have consequences you never imagined. A traumatic brain injury or TBI can drastically change the landscape of your future, including the loss of relationships you cannot fathom.

When an accident results in a brain injury, the ramifications to your body may become permanent. Since the brain is the center of the body’s universe, any change to it may manifest ten times harsher than other injuries. These changes may make life more difficult for you and strain the ties between you and those closest to you.

What might a TBI do to your health?

The brain controls all body systems, and when one part of it suffers damage, associated systems do not function properly. It may make ambulating difficult and lead to a physical strain on your loved ones. ATBI may also cause cognitive changes. These may prove the most challenging for relationships to overcome as they entail changes in personality, mood, memory and processing.

How do relationships change after a TBI?

A spouse or partner often bears the brunt of your care after a crash. Since cognitive changes affect your personality, you may become a different person than the one you were before the accident. While your spouse may have understanding and compassion for your healthcare, the everyday toll it takes may prove too much to handle.

What steps may help improve your relationships?

Your medical team should include a therapist to help you adjust to your new norm. Therapy should also extend to those you love and help them adjust to your new personality and physical limitations. While it is not a cure-all, therapy may make a significant difference in maintaining your relationships.

A TBI may prove unpredictable in how it will ultimately impact your life. Getting the proper guidance and care is crucial to your future.