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How long can a back injury take you out of work?

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2022 | Personal Injury |

Back injuries make up a majority of workplace accidents that cause a worker to miss shifts. This makes sense, considering just about anything can cause a back injury, including simply picking up something too heavy for you to carry.

But just how much of an impact do these injuries have on your life as a back injury sufferer? Are they a passing nuisance, or can they potentially alter your life entirely?

What causes back injuries?

Very Well Health discusses the way back injuries can negatively impact you. Back injuries often occur when you overtax the muscles of the back, such as when you lift something too heavy, lift it with improper lifting instructions, or repeat the same motions every day leading to repetitive stress injury. Fall accidents can also contribute to back injury, with the severity correlating to the height you fell from. In rarer cases, you may also suffer from an object landing on your back, causing compressive damage.

Levels of severity and heal time

No matter what caused your back injury, there are different levels of severity. But even the mildest of back injuries will still require several days of rest and recovery. The trick with back injuries is that if you try to return to work before it fully heals, you risk exacerbating the injury site and worsening it, thus lengthening the time you have to take off work to heal.

Of course, not everyone can afford to take days, weeks or months away from the job. In fact, most people cannot. In these situations, victims of back injuries like you may wish to seek legal aid in order to pursue financial compensation for the damages faced.