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What is a crush injury?

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2021 | Personal Injury |

Crush injuries have some of the most complex and lengthy healing processes, with the possibility of complications all throughout. A crush injury incident can completely uproot someone’s life and change their future outlook.

If you suffer from a crush injury at any point in your life, knowing what to expect and how to move forward in the aftermath is of utmost importance.

What impacts a crush injury?

Medline Plus discusses the potential impact a crush injury can have on your overall health. First, a large portion of how the healing process progresses depends on the type of crush injury you suffered from. Many different factors can alter the impact of a crush injury, including:

  • Your overall health and age
  • What area of your body the object crushed
  • The weight of the crushing object
  • How fast the object fell or hit your body
  • How long the object pinned your body in place
  • How long it took to get medical attention after the incident

Extremities versus trunk

For example, if you suffered from a crush injury to the foot, you may have to worry about the possibility of amputation. Infections like gangrene and sepsis, or necrosis of the dying flesh, often occur in crush injuries of the extremities.

On the other hand, if you suffered from a crush injury to the trunk, you may suffer from damage to the organs. Organ failure may occur, along with the death of tissue due to cut-off blood supply.

In any case, recovery times will often last months to years and include extensive therapy, medications, surgeries and more. You will also likely find it difficult to work during this recovery period, meaning you will see large expenditures and no income. To combat this, consider speaking with an attorney about your compensation options.