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Can concussions cause lasting damage?

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2021 | Personal Injury |

After suffering from a head injury, the first thing you want to do is ensure that you do not have brain damage as well. Unfortunately, the two often go hand in hand, with concussive injuries holding a particularly high rate of affectation.

But can concussions actually cause lasting damage? If you have one, should you consider it a potential problem?

Long-term effects of concussions

Mayo Clinic takes a look at the potential effects of a concussion. First, it is important to get past the false notion that concussions are easily dealt with and not often serious. It is impossible for anyone who is not a medical professional to tell how serious a concussion – or any other type of head injury – might be.

Keeping that in mind, concussions can have many potential long-term ramifications. First, any type of damage to the brain tissue can result in swelling. If the brain presses against the interior of the skull, it can cut off blood supply and oxygen to certain parts, resulting in eventual cell death. This can cause long-lasting or permanent damages.

Separating true and false information

Concussions also end up mired in folk wisdom and popular misinformation, such as the idea that you cannot fall asleep with a concussion or you risk dying. Many medical experts would argue for the opposite, saying that sleep and rest are one of the most crucial components to recovery after a concussion.

In either case, the only way to make sure you get the treatment you need is by seeking proper medical care. This means heading to a hospital or doctor’s office as quickly as possible after the incident.