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Common EMT and paramedic injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Working as an Emergency Medical Technician or paramedic can be extremely gratifying, but it also carries many unique and often serious hazards. EMTs have to contend with a lot of potentially dangerous working conditions in addition to intense physical activity.

Unfortunately, health conditions are common for these first responders, and the recovery process can prevent them from working for a considerable length of time. Here are the most common job-related injuries affecting Emergency Medical Services workers.


Overexertion is one of the primary causes of sprains and strains. While people tend to think of these issues as non-serious, they can keep workers off the job for weeks or months. They may also lead to chronic pain. These types of injuries occur from lifting heavy equipment or stretchers.

Exposure to harmful substances

Some of the materials that EMTs work with may be dangerous. Also, responding to an accident may involve the risk of exposure to chemical irritants or biohazards.


EMTs have to work in unfamiliar and sometimes perilous environments every time they respond to a call for assistance. They can easily fall in unsafe or wet areas.


In some instances, the people who an EMT has to help may be dangerous. Workers may sustain bodily harm while trying to administer first aid.

EMTs know firsthand why it is so important to seek appropriate medical care for any type of injury. After an accident on the job, it is imperative that they get adequate care before returning to work to care for others.