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Personal injury often caused by speeding drivers

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | Personal Injury |

For several decades, excessive speed has caused a significant percentage of road accidents nationwide. Many drivers maintain posted speed limits regardless of prevailing conditions. Responsible drivers adjust their speed in adverse weather, damaged roads or driving at night on poorly lit roads. Many personal injury lawsuits in California follow car accidents caused by speeding.

Aggressive driving behavior often includes driving at excessive speeds. Circumstances that might lead to such action include traffic congestion or running late for appointments, work, school or other duties. However, in many cases, aggressive drivers disregard the law and other road users. The consequences often include life-changing injuries.

Speeding cars need more stopping distances and advanced driving skills to maintain control in dangerous situations. The impact of a collision at high speed is more severe, and resulting injuries could be catastrophic. Sadly, such negligence risks the lives of passengers and other people around them. The best defense other drivers have against aggressive drivers is defensive driving. Being alert to the driving behavior of others might help them avoid being victims of speed-related accidents.

Medical expenses, lost wages and other financial consequences of high-speed crashes could be overwhelming. Furthermore, severe injuries could cause mental trauma. However, if there is proof of negligence on another driver’s part, the injured person might have a viable personal injury lawsuit to file in a California civil court. Documented claims for the court’s adjudication could include all financial losses and emotional damage like pain and suffering. Families who lost loved ones in such a crash might have grounds to file wrongful death lawsuits.