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Father and 2 children suffer personal injury on sidewalk

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2021 | Personal Injury |

When thinking about the dangers pedestrians face, crosswalks naturally come up to mind. However, a recent accident in Woodland Hills shows that pedestrians are not entirely safe from suffering personal injury while walking on sidewalks. A preliminary accident report indicates that it occurred at approximately 6:45 p.m. on a recent Sunday.

First responders from the Los Angeles Fire Department rushed to the accident scene. Reportedly, a father and his two children were walking on the sidewalk along Ventura Blvd. The father was pushing the younger of the two children in a stroller. The man would not have expected what happened next.

After a collision between two vehicles, one car careened toward them. The driver failed to bring the car to a halt and smashed into the children and their father. All three pedestrians and one driver who was involved in the accident were rushed to a hospital for evaluation. However, authorities at the Los Angeles Fire Department reported that no one suffered life-threatening injuries. Reportedly, the injured driver was not the one whose car landed on the sidewalk.

Although the crash investigation is ongoing, the injured pedestrian in Woodland Hills could proceed with the filing of personal injury lawsuits for himself and also on behalf of his children in a California civil court. Even without life-threatening injuries, medical examinations, tests and treatments do not come cheaply. By pursuing such lawsuits successfully, the court might reach a monetary judgment against one or both drivers involved in the crash. Medical expenses, lost wages and other financial losses could be included in the documented claims prepared for adjudication by the court. However, emotional consequences could last for an extended period and could form part of the documented claims.