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Workers’ compensation important for officers injured on the job

On Behalf of | Dec 25, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Police officers put their lives on the line every day. To some, a particular situation may not seem very dangerous, such as approaching a driver for a violation, but officers know that any scenario could take a harrowing turn in an instant. Unfortunately, many police officers need workers’ compensation after suffering injuries in the line of duty.

It was recently reported that a California police officer was injured on the job after receiving a call about an SUV blocking a roadway. The caller indicated that the driver appeared asleep behind the wheel. The officer arrived at the scene and was able to awaken the driver and his passenger. However, while questioning the driver, the man started the vehicle and tried to drive away.

The officer attempted to stop the driver, but he became trapped by the vehicle and ended up being dragged. He was hit by another vehicle while being dragged. After the incident, the officer was taken to an area hospital where he was placed in the intensive care unit. His exact injuries were not described in the report. It was noted that the driver of the SUV was still at large, but his passenger had been apprehended by police.

Though police officers understand that they have a risky job, they know that they have to handle what comes their way in the course of their duties. Unfortunately, as this situation shows, serious injuries can result when California officers simply try to do their job. Recovery from job-related injuries is not always easy, but workers’ compensation may be able to help injured officers cover medical bills and other expenses as they focus on getting better.