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Illegal street racing results in personal injury

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a tragedy to remind people that the things glorified in Hollywood blockbusters and popular video games are dangerous and illegal in real life. Recently, illegal activity resulted in serious personal injury and death. Street racing turned deadly in California, and facts are now emerging about the incident.

According to the latest reports, a large crowd gathered near a section of California roadway with the specific purpose of engaging in illegal street racing. One driver was in an intersection, spinning his truck in circles in a maneuver commonly referred to as “donuts.” The driver lost control of the vehicle.

One of the passengers in his vehicle was killed as a result of injuries suffered when the vehicle flipped. A second passenger was seriously injured and was rushed away for emergency medical care. Investigators say these illegal street races are a recurring problem and that local social clubs of car enthusiasts have a role in organizing these dangerous events.

If a California crash caused by a wayward lawbreaker injures or kills a victim, legal recourse against the party at fault may be appropriate. Even if the police charge a driver with crimes, this may do little to compensate affected victims and their loved ones. In many cases, civil action on behalf of a victim may be appropriate. A civil case can result in a favorable verdict that includes monetary compensation to ease the suffering or loss caused by a driver who chose to disregard the law with behavior that causes personal injury to another person.