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Firefighters suffer harm while fighting California fires

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Massive fires are frightening events as they can cause considerable destruction and result in injuries or even death to those trapped in an area or who are trying to fight the blaze. Firefighters put their lives on the line in efforts to keep others safe, and unfortunately, they may suffer harm in the line of duty. With the current fires continuing in California, such injuries are expected.

It was recently reported that multiple firefighters were injured while combating the flames near Big Sur. Several on duty were forced to seek shelter after they were overtaken by the flames, and many of the 14 firefighters involved in this event suffered injuries from burns to smoke inhalation. Three of the 14 were transported from the area by helicopter for treatment.

Of those three, two were considered to be in fair condition, but the other was in critical condition. It was unclear exactly what injuries the individual firefighters suffered. At the time of the report, this particular blaze had torched nearly 144,000 acres. Unfortunately, more firefighters are at risk of injury as they continue to fight the flames.

It is a difficult situation for anyone to suffer harm while on the job. When the resulting injuries put a person in critical condition, numerous questions can arise, including those relating to handling medical costs and other financial difficulties. Fortunately, workers’ compensation can often help California workers receive monetary benefits to help with such costs and to alleviate some of the stress associated with the ordeal. If parties have questions or concerns about applying for workers’ comp, legal professionals are available to help.