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Workplace accidents and amputation

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

From falling off of ladders to serious burns, workers face many hazards that often lead to accidents. Moreover, some workers sustain injuries that lead to amputation, which presents serious physical limitations as well as mental trauma and challenges related to self-esteem.

It is crucial for those who are struggling with the consequences of amputation to carefully evaluate their options, especially if they cannot work because of their injury. For many people who are trying to recover from a serious workplace injury, workers’ compensation benefits are a valuable resource that help with financial challenges and provide other forms of support (such as training for a new job).

Saws and other machines that often lead to amputations

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, some jobs are especially dangerous and have a higher risk of amputation due to a workplace accident. For example, positions that require the use of meat grinders, saws, shearing machines, metal-forming machines and meatpacking machines are especially dangerous when it comes to the risk of a serious injury resulting in amputation. The use of this equipment is especially hazardous when it is not maintained properly, workers are not trained correctly or other safety measures are ignored.

Recovering from an amputation

Workers who are struggling with the consequences of an amputation need to focus on their recovery, not only in terms of their physical well-being but their financial and emotional health also. Sometimes, injured workers benefit from filing a complaint with OSHA if their accident was the result of violations that were present in the workplace. Many injured workers benefit from training for a new position and receiving support from workers’ compensation, if eligible.