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Spinal cord injury complications can cost hundreds of thousands

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2020 | Disability Pensions |

Police officers throughout Southern California regularly put their lives on the line, knowing that their job can be a dangerous one. Oftentimes they are placed in situations where they are assaulted or shot while protecting their community, leading to a spinal cord injury.

Acts of violence and spinal cord injuries

According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center (NSISC) acts of violence are the third leading cause of spinal cord injuries. And while one can expect that the immediate aftermath of a spinal cord injury can be financially challenging, in the form of hefty medical bills and significant loss of wages, the long-term effects of a spinal cord injury can also be financially catastrophic.

The costly complications of spinal cord injuries

According to one study, the recovery period for a traumatic spinal cord injury can last from 12 to 18 months. Moreover, there are many long-term complications following a TSCI. Complications can sometimes be fatal and can include pressure sores, sepsis caused by pneumonia and urinary tract infections. One study revealed that approximately 47% of TSCI respondents suffered from urinary tract infections, approximately 34% suffered from pneumonia, 27.5% suffered from depression and approximately 20% suffered from pressure sores.

These complications can be financially catastrophic. For example, a spinal cord injury victim who contracted a stage IV pressure sore can incur medical expenses ranging from $124,000 to $129,000 per instance. Spinal cord injury victims who contracted sepsis could expect to spend $27,000 just for the time period they are hospitalized in the intensive care unit.

Public servants with spinal cord injuries can seek legal help

As this shows, while police officers in the Woodland Hills area willingly put their lives on the line to protect the public, those who suffer from spinal cord injuries due to an act of violence on-the-job may find that they simply don’t have the financial resources to cope with the injury. When this happens, it may be time to contact an attorney to learn more about the availability of disability retirement benefits. Experienced and hard-working attorneys in Southern Carolina can help clients recover the disability retirement benefits they are entitled to. Our firm’s website may be a good starting point for officers who want to get started on the road towards financial recovery following a spinal cord injury.