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Workers’ compensation may be needed by those in welding industry

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Worker safety should always remain a top priority. Of course, as safe as workers and their employers try to be, the chance of serious accidents and injuries still exists, especially in certain professions. For example, welding workers face a significant number of risks while on the job, and some may end up in need of workers’ compensation.

It may come as no surprise to some California readers that thermal or heat burns accounted for over one-third of job-related injuries in this field in 2018. Because welding workers carry out duties involving heat reaching thousands of degrees, it is important that they have the proper protective equipment and that the equipment is in proper working order. Even if workers have heat-resistant clothing and gloves, if there is a hole in any of that clothing, they could risk serious burns. It is also important that workers do not become complacent and take off their protective equipment because they are hot or think they do not need it.

Additionally, welding workers are often exposed to electrical currents that put them at risk of electrical shock. If a welding lead becomes damaged, the electrical circuit used during arc welding is no longer properly contained. As a result, workers could end up shocked or electrocuted while working.

Unfortunately, many of the injuries possible in the welding industry can have lasting effects. Many workers who suffer burns or other harm can need time off work for an extended period of time. If California welding workers suffer injuries on the job, they may want to look into their workers’ compensation options to help lessen the hardships caused by lost income during their recovery.