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Workers’ compensation delays in California having negative effect

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

Almost all workers are at risk of suffering injuries on the job. Unfortunately, work-related injuries can cause considerable setbacks for individuals, and in many cases, those setbacks can include financial hardships. Often, injured employees apply for workers’ compensation to help offset those financial difficulties, but it is not always easy to obtain benefits.

It was recently reported that injured California workers are seeing significant delays in workers’ comp benefits. Apparently, the program does not have enough physicians to act as experts regarding injuries workers have suffered. As a result, workers are waiting months and even years to have their medical evaluations completed in efforts to move forward with the workers’ comp process. It was noted that an audit into the Division of Workers’ Compensation found that the division did not address the shortage of medical experts and failed to address other issues.

One woman who was injured on the job in 2014 says that she is now permanently disabled and wonders whether she could have avoided disability had her medical evaluation taken place sooner. She is now unable to participate in many activities that she once enjoyed before her injury. The division reportedly indicated that it was working to find solutions to the problems with the program.

Facing delays when attempting to obtain workers’ compensation can bring about more frustration. In many cases, injured California workers need benefits to help them make ends meet and address serious issues resulting from their injuries. If injured parties are interested in putting their best foot forward when it comes to applying for benefits, they may wish to enlist the help of attorneys experienced in this area of law.