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A truck accident could occur due to many contributing factors

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Truck drivers have a job to do, which is why California residents often see so many tractor-trailers on the roads. Of course, knowing that they have a job to do does not necessarily make other drivers feel more comfortable traveling the roads with them. This feeling is understandable, as a truck accident could happen at any moment.

Hundreds of thousands of truck-related accidents happen in the United States every year. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can contribute to these accidents, such as distracted driving, drowsy driving, failing to change speed for road conditions and others. Though driver error does account for many of these incidents, issues with tractor-trailers can also cause problems, and brake failure is the main malfunction-related issue that leads to crashes. Tire blowouts are also a common contributing factor.

Weather and other environmental factors can also contribute to accidents. Drivers cannot see as well in fog or rain, and if the pavement on roads is of low quality, that issue could also increase the chances of an accident. In many cases, if drivers and trucking companies maintain their vehicles well and adapt to driving conditions, accidents could be avoided.

Though no one anticipates being involved in a truck accident, any unsuspecting California driver could suffer injuries in such an event. It is possible that, if a truck driver is considered at fault for the incident, the victim could have reason to file a personal injury claim in efforts to seek compensation. Numerous difficulties can result from such incidents, including lost wages while recovering and high medical bills, and a successful legal claim may cover these and other damages.