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The hidden risks associated with dog bites

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2019 | Personal Injury |

In California, there are laws in place that make it so an owner is held responsible for their pet if said pet happens to bite someone. This can come in handy, because an animal bite attack may actually leave an individual with more expenses than they initially assumed.

Dog bite injuries in particular can cause massive amounts of physical trauma. Because of the design of a dog’s teeth and jaw, they can tear large chunks of flesh, break bones, and potentially disfigure a victim in mere seconds. This may result in the victim requiring reconstructive surgery and spending a long time in the hospital recovering. Potentially deadly wounds to the face and neck also require emergency treatment in many cases. This means they will face additional expenses for the emergency room, surgery, and the ambulance ride.

Another hidden risk that many don’t think about is highlighted by Mayo Clinic: the potential for infection. While dog bites actually carry less risk of infection than cat bites, they can still inject bacteria into the skin. If this gets into the fat layer or further, it can even cause sepsis or gangrene to form easily. There are also other bacteria that can make a home in a person’s body in the upper layers of flesh. Serious infections can start showing symptoms in less than 24 hours.

FindLaw discusses the importance of seeking compensation and holding the liable owner accountable for the actions of their pet. Medical expenses can come from surgery, treatment, medications, and preventative measures. Altogether, these costs can stack up quickly and can be enough to threaten an individual’s financial stability if they don’t have support.