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Technology addiction and car crashes

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2019 | Personal Injury |

Addiction to technology can increase the probability of a car crash in many different ways. Not only can these addictions cause someone to become distracted while behind the wheel, such as those who try to drive while using a tablet or sending messages on their phone, but it can also cause drivers to become mentally distracted, agitated and even fatigued. There are many ways in which people are addicted to technology, whether they spend a significant amount of time playing games on their computer, are addicted to social media or struggle with some other form of technological addiction. Sadly, this has played a role in many fatal auto accidents.

Using an electronic device behind the wheel can be incredibly dangerous. A driver may take their hands off the wheel to manipulate a device, or they may also lose their focus because they are thinking about something on their phone or tablet. In some cases, people may be in a rush to get home because they are addicted to technology, which could cause them to speed or pay less attention to the road. Moreover, these addictions can cause people to lose a significant amount of sleep, which can result in drowsy driving.

If you were struck by a driver who may have caused the accident because of technology addiction, this can be difficult to detect. However, if this factor clearly played a role in the motor vehicle accident, it should not be overlooked should you decide to move forward with legal action.