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Know the facts about short term disability

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

When California workers get hurt on the job, they may be unable to work for a few weeks while they recover. Sometimes people may be able to receive short term disability insurance to help take care of their family while they are out of work.

According to FindLaw, workers can typically receive short term disability if they cannot work for several weeks because of an injury. People usually receive these benefits soon after they sustain their injury. Most workers collect short term disability payments for a few months until they are fully recovered; however, some people may be eligible to have this insurance for two years.

Some people may worry that short term disability payments will not be enough to sustain their family while they are out of work. For the first few weeks, people generally receive an amount similar to what they would collect as a salary. After a few weeks, the rest of the payments are usually lower.

To receive short term disability, people need to meet the requirements of the California State Disability Insurance Program. The State of California says that people are eligible for disability benefits if their injury has kept them out of work for a week or more. They also need to see a doctor and seek treatment for their wound. Additionally, a person usually needs to have lost some of his or her earnings because of the injury. If people meet these requirements, they can generally apply for short term disability. People typically need to file a claim and receive a physician’s certification that they cannot work.